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Summer is on the way! Most people love summer because they enjoy different activities under the sun. People are very excited and they even begin planning a summer vacation on their favorite places, spending summer on the beach, going camping or on a road trip with family or friends. Some even prefer to travel abroad and visit new places while some others love to just stay at home and enjoy quality time with the family. Whatever the plans are, we always make sure that we enjoy our once in a year summer season.

We cannot deny the fact that summer is a favorite time of the year because it brings joy and happiness to everyone. Under the sun is indeed so much fun! However, there are things we have to keep in mind before fully going on our summer activities. Who would not want a worry- free summer? Here 6 summer security tips that we should consider to make the most out of our summer and to make sure our home remains safe even when we are away for a vacation.


Keep your Home Guarded

One of the most important things to consider when leaving home is to make sure that your home is protected. Nobody ever wants to come back to a house that has been broken, or find out that a water pipe had burst or worst is, important things are missing.

The first thing to consider is to make sure that you don’t let the world know you will be away for a while. Stop posting your itinerary on social media because it might attract those who are planning to intrude in your house. Share this information with a trusted neighbor or a friend and ask them to keep an eye on your house while you are away. You may also ask one of your neighbors to park on your driveway. This will give the appearance that someone is home and will help deter any thieves.


Check Your Water System

Another good idea is to make sure that the water system inside and outside of the house are properly inspected and repaired. You may tap the help of those professionals to check your water system, tank, pipes, bathtub, sinks and toilets in order to prevent coming back with a flooded house.


Check all Fire- Causing Objects

Another worst case scenario would be coming back only to find out there was a fire in your house. It would be very devastating! To avoid this, you should check all your electrical outlets and unplug everything as well as cutting any gas supply to the house to prevent a possible gas leak that could lead to an accidental fire.


Leave Few Lights On

There are many things that might happen in the absence of light. When leaving home for a while, you must consider leaving on a few lights throughout the house so that it will appear that someone is home. Moreover, if the lights are on, your trusted neighbor that you asked to keep an eye on your house can visibly check your house at night even from a distant.


Keep Everything Locked

The most important but the most forgotten things to consider before leaving home is to keep the windows and doors locked. At the exact day of leaving the house, everybody gets very excited and focus on things that they should bring or might forget to bring that some forget to lock everything before leaving. About 30% of all home break- ins in the U.S. are through an open door or window. You should always keep this in mind.


Keep Insured 

Leaving for a vacation is indeed a great idea, but planning before leaving is the best one. One of the best thing you can do is to take this list and sit down with an insurance broker so you can run through everything that applies to your households, and make sure that you have adequate coverage.

To ensure a worry-free summer, contact Onyx Insurance and get a quote now!




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