Advantages of Manufactured Home

Many people have a misperception of manufactured homes, and about manufactured home communities, that can persuade them to look for a more traditional house.

While some manufactured home communities are better managed than others, the fact of the matter is that manufactured homes offer some incredible advantages that will have you looking forward to moving into a manufactured home community. Here are some of the advantages of manufactured home;


Manufactured housing is an affordable option because it is much more affordable than traditional homes. According to the Manufactured Housing Institute, manufactured housing costs about half of what a traditional house costs on a square foot basis. You can end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by buying a manufactured home as opposed to a traditional home.

Control Over the Building Process

Anyone who has ever built a home can tell horror stories of cost overruns, delayed construction and snarly contractors. Such problems are foreign to the manufactured home industry because the homes are built in factories under strict rules and tight federal regulations. The factories build the homes on assembly lines, which leaves little room for error. Additionally, the manufacturing process maximizes the efficiency of workers. Moreover, manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment that is not impacted by bad weather, vandalism, and the potential unreliability of contractors and subcontractors.

Appreciate in Value

Many people believe that manufactured homes will never rise in value. In fact, some people say manufactured homes depreciate over time. A manufactured home is just like any other home. When it’s properly built and maintained, manufactured homes appreciate just like site-built homes.


Manufactured housing allows long-term options. Because a basic manufactured home can be extremely affordable, families who own an appropriate site can start small, with the option of adding additional manufactured modules as their needs change. A manufactured home may also serve as a starter home for families who plan to build a larger, permanent structure at some time in the future; the original could become a rental property or serve another purpose on a family compound.

As another option, although it might be logistically more complicated, a manufactured home could be moved to another site if the existing location is not a long-term option, or if the initial site was on rented property.

Fast Installation

There are few things more exciting than watching your own home take shape. But there is nothing that can equal the excitement of being a spectator as your new home is delivered, then lifted by a huge crane onto its foundation. It’s quite an experience. The final installation and utility hookup work moves quickly and, before long, you will be preparing meals in your new kitchen, sleeping in your new bedroom and organizing your new life. Whether you choose to purchase a home in a manufactured housing community or buy a manufactured home to place on property you already own, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you can actually begin to enjoy your new lifestyle in a home of your own.

Energy Efficiency

The new generations of manufactured homes are energy efficient. Builders take great care in making sure each home is tightly constructed with efficient heating and cooling systems, water heaters, and high-performance windows.


Because manufactured homes are built as separate modules, they can actually be quieter, with less sound transference from one room to another, than a traditional site-built home. They are strong, durable, quiet and sheltering, particularly when two or more modules are combined to form a larger structure.  Sound transference is minimized because each module is constructed and insulated individually.

Design Flexibility

You have the option to customize your manufactured home.  Depending on the lots, homeowners can add beautiful lawns and landscaping. Builders can also customize houses to customer’s specific needs. You’ll appreciate the opportunity to make your dreams in reality by selecting special features to truly make your house a special home.

Nice Community

One of the biggest benefits of living in manufactured home communities is that residents don’t have to worry about the expenses of lawn maintenance, trash removal, snow plowing and other on-site repair work.

Some communities are gated and secure, while other communities — especially those for adults only — resemble tiny resorts. They offer organized social activities, walking trails, fitness centers, pools, tennis courts and even golf courses. Many communities have common areas and are beautifully landscaped.

No one beats the feeling of living in the home of your choice. However, it is always the best move to insure what you value. For your insurance needs, contact or email ONYX Insurance now!






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