Is Manufactured Home Insurance Worth It?

Some people probably think that owning a manufactured home means they can safely skip manufactured home insurance since they don’t own a traditional, and more expensive home. But that can be a huge mistake.

Just as with traditional homeowner’s insurance, manufactured home insurance protects your home and the contents within it. It also protects you if you are sued by someone who is hurt on your property or if you damage someone’s property and they take you to court.

So, not having mobile home coverage can be a mistake that can cost you more than you think.

How Much Does Manufactured Home Insurance Cost?

Just like regular homeowners insurance policies, the amount you pay for manufactured home coverage depends on numerous factors, including:

  • The home’s value
  • The size of the home (its square footage)
  • The year it was built
  • The value of your personal belongings, including collectibles
  • The home’s physical address (location-based factors like severe weather, risk of floods and wildfires, crime rates, and your town’s response to these hazards all affect the cost)
  • The construction materials
  • Repair and renovation history
  • Existing claims on your home policy
  • Whether you rent or own the lot where the home is located
  • The presence of safety devices in the home, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers
  • The home’s security features, such as deadbolts, burglar alarms, security gates, and fireproof safes

In addition to your home’s features, the cost will also depend on the coverage limits and deductibles you choose. Typically, you’ll pay a higher rate for more comprehensive coverage and lower deductibles, and a lower rate for more basic coverage and higher deductibles.

When you shop for insurance for your manufactured home, try to find the combination of coverage and deductibles that works best for your budget and meets your insurance needs.

Manufactured home insurance discounts

Many factors impact your manufactured home insurance rate, ranging from the age, condition and location of your home to your coverage limits and claims history. It can vary widely from insurer to insurer. For that reason, shopping around and comparing manufactured home insurance quotes is crucial to getting the best deal on a policy.

Some companies also offer discounts that can bring down the cost of a policy. For example, installing a home security system or membership in specific organizations may entitle you to a price break. Bundling your insurance policies together — such as buying your manufactured home insurance with the same company you avail your car insurance — can also give you a discount.

Finally, accepting a higher deductible can lower premium prices. You may pay less if you raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000, for example. However, it is important to make sure you can afford to pay such a deductible should you suffer a loss.

Where can I buy manufactured home insurance?

Finding good home insurance is typically not difficult. There are many manufactured home insurance companies for you to shop and compare rates. But finding a policy may involve slightly more work than purchasing coverage for a more traditional home with a foundation. Fortunately, in many places, the same insurance companies that sell traditional homeowners insurance also sell manufactured home insurance.

When looking for a policy, one of the best places to start is with the insurance company you bought your other policies, such as auto insurance. As an existing customer, you may be eligible for discounts. However, it would be a mistake not to compare shop and to get quotes from other insurers before settling on a policy. Shopping around is often the best way to lower your insurance costs.

If you are struggling to find an insurance company that meets your needs, you may contact or email ONYX Insurance Brokers for more help.

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