Tips On Making a Home Inventory Checklist

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A fire or a disaster has the power to destruct everything you own, including your home and its content. If this even happen, it may be difficult to remember the details of every one of the belongings that you have acquired over the years. Making a list of everything you own may seem like a daunting task, however having an up-to-date home inventory of your belongings will help you recover faster after a loss.

A home inventory can:

  • Speed up your insurance claim because you won’t have to spend time trying to make an inventory after the damage.
  • Maximize your claim payment because you won’t forget any of your belongings.
  • Make your life a lot easier as you begin the process of replacing your stuff.

Tips On Making a Home Inventory Checklist

  • Take the time to walk through your property.Compiling a comprehensive home inventory takes time and effort. Use your smartphone or digital camera and document possessions inside your home and on your property that may be of value. Make sure to capture important items as well as entire rooms, closets or drawers. Label your photos with descriptions like where you bought it, the make or model or any important information that you might need in replacing and/or getting reimbursed for the item. The more detailed your inventory, the more useful it will be if you have to make a claim.


  • Keep your inventory safely stored.Your home inventory is as important as your home. If you choose to create a paper version, keep it in a safe place along with applicable receipts and appraisals. You may opt to put it on a safe deposit box or at a friend’s or relative’s home. Make at least one backup copy of your inventory document and store it separately. You may also create a digital home inventory. Digital home inventory programs allow you to upload multiple photos of each item, including photos of the serial number, receipt and other identifying details.


  • Keep your inventory up-to-date.When you make a significant purchase, make it a habit to add the item information and receipts to your inventory while the details are fresh in your mind. This is also a good time to delete items that you have replaced or no longer own.


  • Remember your business assets.While most people think of their home when making an inventory, it is important to document the contents of your business, if applicable, as well.


  • Consider valuable items.Valuable items like jewelry, art, and collectibles may have increased in value since you brought them into your home. Check with your agent, if you have one, to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage for these items as they may need to be insured separately. Consider putting jewelry or other valuables that you don’t often wear or use in a safe deposit box.

A simple act now can be very useful later. Protect your home and the things that matters to you including your valuables. Ensure them so you won’t be left devastated in an event of loss or damage. ONYX Insurance can help you, contact or email us now!

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